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Chatbot API Integration
Chatbot API Integration
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Integrate your business system with chatbots to provide a complete self-service experience to your customers.

Integrate your business systems with WhatsApp

Facilitate access to your business information to view data for your customers using API.

In the following, you can see some examples of how you can integrate your business with the chatbot:

E-commerce Business

Customers can provide the chatbot with an order number, and it will bring back the status of their order right away.

Make a reservation

You can integrate your chatbot with the booking system that your company has, or integrate your system with Google Calendar to book appointments.

WhatsApp for food delivery

Instead of creating a new application to make orders and delivery, you can use WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application.

The chatbot will send the menu immediately after the customer opens the conversation. Then, it will wait to take orders and send a notification to the customers to inform them regarding any modification on their orders, such as time changes, incorrect addresses, and business closures.

How to integrate the chatbot with my system?

If you’re API is ready, our engineers will integrate the chatbot with your system. it typically takes one to two days to complete the integration.


Add API Integration to your bot

API integration is available on certain BusinessChat plans. check our plans here.

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