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The Welcome message
The Welcome message
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When the customer initiates the conversation, the first thing that appears to him is the Welcome Message. It includes information that allows a person to learn more about chatBot and what it offers.

The welcome message displays the responsiveness of the business bot.

Greeting Text

The greeting text on the welcome message is your first opportunity to tell a customer why they should start a conversation with your bot. Some things you might include in your greeting text include a brief description of what your bot does, such as key features or a tagline. This is also a great place to start establishing the style and tone of your bot.

Best Practices

  • Do consider your greeting an introduction and a summary of your experience.

  • Do communicate your main functionality. Context helps people understand how to interact with you and sets expectations about your capabilities.

  • Don’t treat your greeting like an instructional manual. Instead, because your greeting disappears, use your actual messages to introduce specific functionality and commands.

  • Don't use excessive text formatting (ex: spacing, punctuation, returns) in your greeting.

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