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Welcome Series Automation
Welcome Series Automation

Learn how to grab your visitors' attention and incentivize them to make their first purchase

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Welcome Series Automation

Getting traffic to your website is very costly for e-commerce stores and generally you need to spend a lot on Google and Meta Ads and even SEO.

Unfortunately, according to the international benchmarks, only 2% of your visitors will convert. You are leaving too much on the table.

The goal of the welcome series is to grab the attention of your website visitors and incentive prospects to make their first purchase.

This automation will allow you to double your website conversion ratio on autopilot.

In this chapter, you will find the following sections:

  1. Understanding Welcome Series automation

  2. Setting up the Welcome Series automation

  3. Welcome Series Automation Report

let's start 🚀

Understanding Welcome Series Automation

The welcome series automation will allow you to double your website conversion rate and collect a database of new prospects information on autopilot.

While prospects are browsing the website, BusinessChat pixel will be monitoring the certain behaviors that show high interest.

Tracked behavior can be like prospects scrolling up to 75% of your landing page or spending more than 10 seconds on a page or even attempting to close the website window.

When one of the triggers happens, a pop up message will show up to offer an incentive for their first purchase. Interested prospects will click on the button and will get redirected to their WhatsApp application, where they will receive the coupon code. Even if the customer doesn't convert within 24 hours, a second message will be automatically sent to remind him about the coupon code.

The personalized offers are made only to first time purchasers, this way you don’t lose margin on existing customers.

Setting up the Welcome Series automation

To start using this feature:

  • Add your e-commerce platform app

  • Prepare the templates for the Welcome Series messages you will send.

To create Welcome Series messages, go to the Creating Template Messages chapter

To set up the Automation, go to Outbound, Automations, and click on Setup in the capture and Welcome New Contacts box.

Discount coupon

Once you’re in, You will be asked to create the coupon that will be used in the automation.

Just select a suggested coupon or customize your own by clicking Create Custom Coupon, then click save & continue.

Popup Design

Now its time to design our popup that will display to new customers


Customizing the theme allows you to match the pop up with your brand’s aesthetic and you can see a live preview of your edits right here on the right.

You can change the text font, choose your brand’s primary, text, and background colors


Here, you can find different pop up presets to choose from for both mobile and desktop versions of your website

you can choose a different layout for each version, and upload your own picture by clicking the upload image button.


You can add a title right here and it could be a welcome message to your customer

A subtitle containing the offer, and a title for the call to action to make them wanna click on it

You can all add a pre-filled message to easily send when they click the call to action button.


The teaser is a floating button that once clicked, will trigger the popup widget.

Its recommended to add a compelling offer to the teaser text to secure that click. And you can position it to left, right, bottom, or top

Target audience

You can set up popup display triggers:

  • On exit-intent

  • Time spent on website.

  • Scroll percentage on the page.

The popup will trigger once a day for the same contact at most

And will pop up to New visitors or those who haven't clicked the call to action button.

Automation flow


In the trigger box, you will check out the pop up you designed by clicking view pop up


The best thing about this automation is that it filters out new customers from returning customers since it is a first purchase exclusive offer.

  • Apology message: old customers will receive an apology message explaining as to why they’re not getting the offer.

    Click to set up that message, add the message, and Save.

  • Welcome message: new customers will receive a message containing the coupon code with the offer.

    Click to set up that message, add the message, and Save.

  • Additional message: If they haven't made a purchase in the first 24 hours, you can add a second message that gets automatically sent reminding them of the offer.

    Click to set up that message.

    Add a Delay: the time the automation waits before sending the message.

    Template Message: the message containing the offer reminder that will be sent to the customers when the delay ends.

    Then save.

Once you’re done setting up your automation, you can review all the changes and set it to live.

the pop up will now be available for display on websites built using the zid and Salla platforms.

Popup activation (Shopify only)

To make your pop up appear on your Shopify website, go to your Shopify account, online store, themes, and click on customize.

Click on the app embeds icon on the left, and toggle on the BusinessChat pop up.

Automation Status

Pause Automation

You can pause the automation by clicking More and Pause automation. This will lead to the popup not displaying on your website. However, the customers that entered the automation will not be exited out of it.

Deactivate automation

You can also deactivate the automation by clicking more and deactivate automation, will be stop the automation and force exit all customers on it.

Edit automation

You can edit your automation by clicking the edit button.

Make the edits you want and click publish changes.

Welcome Series Automation Report

After setting up and running the automated campaign, it is important to monitor its performance.

Automation overview

In automation overview you will be able to see the following reports:

  • Started: The number of customers who met the operating conditions and entered this automation.

  • Exited: The percentage of customers who exited this automation before completing it.

  • Completed: The percentage of customers who completed all campaign steps.

  • Conversion Ratio: The percentage of customers who made a purchase during the automation.

  • Revenues: The total revenue generated from your e-commerce store through running this campaign.


Inside the trigger card, you will find the:

  • Popup that's being shown on your website.

  • Unique views: which is the number of users that clicked on the call to action button.

  • Clicks: which is the number of all customer clicks.

  • Captured: which is the number of new contacts captured by the automation.

  • The number of customers that started the automation

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