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How will a contact select the chatbot's language?
How will a contact select the chatbot's language?
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After the contact initiates the conversation with the chatbot, the welcoming message appears. The user can then select the language he would like to use while talking to the chatbot.

In BusinessChat, we design the chatbot to be flexible, and the user can select the chatbot's language as he likes, either Arabic or English.

How does the 'Language Selection' message appear to the user?

Using Interactive Messages, a list of buttons will appear, then the user can choose by clicking on the desired language button.

How many times will the contact be asked to select language?

The contact will select the chatbot's language only once. That's when the contact starts his first conversation with the chatbot. After that, the chosen language will be stored so that every time the user talks with that chatbot, it will reply with the contact's preferred language.

How to know a contact preferred language?

When you select a conversation with a contact, you will find his language choice under the conversation details to the right of the screen.

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