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Reassigning conversations
Reassigning conversations

Learn how to reassign a conversation

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Users can reassign conversations to themselves, other users, or other teams.

Reassign the conversation to yourself or another user

You can reassign any conversation you have access to, yourself or another user. Click the drop-down list under the assigned user name.

After that, select the user to that you want to reassign the conversation:

Reassign a conversation to another team

In some cases, the service the customer wants is provided by another team, so you may need to move the conversation from one team to another.

To achieve this, select the team name from the drop-down menu.

When you reassign the conversation to another team, the conversation will be assigned as follow:

  1. If the user to whom the conversation is assigned belongs to both teams, the conversation will stay assigned to him.

  2. If the user to whom the conversation is assigned does not belong to the new team, the assignment engine will automatically assign the conversation to a user.

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