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Conversation events

Conversation events types.

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Each conversation assigned to your business has many updates that help you recognize any status that will appear, like opened/closed conversations, rating conversations, team, and user-assigned.

All of the conversation updates appear with the exact date and time of each event.

Assign conversation

  • Assign to team

When the conversation is routed to the team, it will appear as Assigned to 'Team Name'.

  • Assign to a user

Based on the assignment limit of online users, the conversation will be Assigned to 'User' to start replying to the customer.

Also, there is a way to assign the conversation to a specific user from the dropdown list and choose -manual- the user you want to assign the conversation to.


Opening and closing a conversation

Opening and closing the conversation will change its status and, accordingly, will create an event on the chat view.


Rating conversation

At the end of the conversation, a survey will be shown to the customer so he can rate how helpful the conversation was, and the rating will appear on the user screen as shown in the image below:

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