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Troubleshooting Common Issues on BusinessChat
Troubleshooting Common Issues on BusinessChat

Learn how to solve your account issues and reactivate your automations.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes, automation on Business Chat may temporarily stop, causing a warning to appear at the top of your account page. This warning indicates an issue with your account that needs to be resolved so that you can continue launching more automated campaign messages and notifications to your store customers.

Let's identify the types of these problems and how to solve them:

1. Disconnection of the linked WhatsApp number:

If your BusinessChat account is disconnected from the WhatsApp application, this will temporarily pause your active automations and display an alert at the top of the platform page to ensure you check the status and resolve the issue.

Please reload the page to get the QR code, then scan the code again from the WhatsApp application. Once the number is successfully linked, you can reactivate automation.

2. Disconnection from the linked e-commerce platform:

If the Business Chat app is uninstalled from the e-commerce platform, your active automations will stop working. To resolve this issue, go to the app store in your e-commerce platform (such as Zid or Salla) and reinstall the Business Chat application.

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