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How to add the popup snippet code into your WooCommerce store?
How to add the popup snippet code into your WooCommerce store?

Activating the welcome series automation popup

Updated over a week ago

To activate the welcome and capture new contacts automation on your e-WooCommerce store, you'll need to follow these straightforward steps:

Step 1: Copy the Snippet Code:

Grab the snippet code provided by the BusinessChat platform when activating the popup.

Step 2: Install Snippet Code Extension:

Head to your app store and search for a snippet code extension. Our recommendation is to use the snippet extension below.

Step 3: Create a New Snippet:

Once the extension is installed, navigate to the Snippet section and click "Add New" then select "add your custom code (New Snippet)".

Step 4: Paste the Code:

Paste the previously copied code into the input box. Ensure the snippet is marked as active, and then save it.

Step 5: Visit & Refresh Your Store:

After pasting and activating the code, visit your store URL and refresh the page. This step confirms the popup's successful installation.


If you've refreshed your store and the installation confirmation box is still loading, try opening the store link in an incognito window and refreshing the page. This can help ensure the popup is correctly loaded and visible on your store.

Once you have refreshed the page and the installation is verified, you're ready to activate the automation feature.

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