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Building a Customer Database
Building a Customer Database

Learn how to grow your customer database effectively on WhatsApp. From social media integration, utilize paid ads, uploading databases...

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Building a Customer Database

In this chapter you will find the following sections:

  1. Understanding the Contacts page

  2. Manually adding a contact

  3. Manually uploading a database

  4. Syncing your e-commerce customer database

  5. Pop-Up

  6. List Building through WhatsApp Direct links and WhatsApp widget

Understanding the Contacts page:

Your database is one of the most important assets for businesses.

You will find all customer data in one place within the Contacts page (1) on BusinessChat. You will have an overview of your database and different customer Groups (2). You will be able to see their names (3), numbers (4), additional information (5), and upload (6) and download this data with a single click (7).

The unique thing about BusinessChat is that you will retain your customer's number and all their information as soon as they start a conversation with you on WhatsApp.

How to build a customer database

To build a customer database, we suggest several methods that encourage customers to initiate conversations with your company.

Manually adding a contact:

Go to the Contacts page (1), click Create or upload contacts (2) and choose Create a new Contact from the menu.

Enter the contact's name (3).

Select the country code and add the phone number (4).

Confirm that you have obtained the customer's consent to contact them (5).

Then Click Save (6), and the customer will be added to the database.

Manually adding a database:

1. Click Create or upload contacts and select the Upload CSV option.

2. Choose the CSV file you want to upload (1) or download a file containing examples (2).

3. Select your CSV file and click the upload button (3).

4. Verify that the phone numbers are in the correct column by clicking on Confirm Mapping (1) and clicking Next Step (2).

5. Organize the contacts by creating a new group to add them to by giving your group a name (1).

6. Alternatively, assign them to an existing group by clicking Add to an existing group (2).

7. If all your numbers are from the same country, you can click All contacts are from and select the country (3).

8. Make sure you have the necessary consent from your customers before contacting them, then check the box (4) and Import Contacts (5).

After the import is completed, you will receive an email notification, and your group will be displayed on the bottom left of the contacts page.

Syncing your e-commerce customer database:

By synchronizing your customer database with the Business Chat platform, you will be able to target customers in marketing campaigns, remind them of their abandoned carts, and increase engagement with them.

To synchronize your e-commerce customer database with the Business Chat platform, follow these steps:

Inside the App Store (1), click on your installed e-commerce platform application (2).

Click on Configurations (3).

Enable the Sync contacts option (4).

And Save the changes (5).

Once the syncing process is successfully completed, you will receive an email notification.


The welcome series automation will allow you to double your website conversion rate and collect a database of new prospects information on autopilot.

While prospects are browsing the website, BusinessChat pixel will be monitoring the certain behaviors that show high interest.

Tracked behavior can be like prospects scrolling up to 75% of your landing page or spending more than 10 seconds on a page or even attempting to close the website window.

When one of the triggers happens, a pop up message will show up to offer an incentive for their first purchase. Interested prospects will click on the button and will get redirected to their WhatsApp application, where they will receive the coupon code.

Whatsapp Direct conversation links and WhatsApp Website Widget :

You can also use your Social Media traffic and website traffic to redirect visitors to your WhatsApp channel while the Whatsapp Widget works only for your website, you can transform your WhatsApp number into a clickable link that redirects clickers to your Whatsapp channel and place it anywhere ( Instagram bio, Facebook content, add it to a clickable button in your website, your Email signature ...)

We have made it even easier through our free tools :

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