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Sample flows that you can include in your chatbot
Sample flows that you can include in your chatbot
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With BusinessChat chatbots there are many types of flows that you can include in your chatbot.

Simple Answer Messages

Routing every conversation to your teams puts more pressure on the users to respond to each message, especially when you can replace it with a simple answer to the customer; there is no need to route the conversation.

Examples of using simple answer messages:

  • Use a simple answer message to say something to your visitor that does not require a response.

  • When the customer asks FAQs, you can simply make the chatbot reply to such conversations.

QnA Then Route to Team

Use this action to ask a question during your bot conversation and collect data to populate specific contact properties. You can select a frequently asked question or create a custom question. Then route the conversation to a team.

Examples of using QnA messages:

  • Use QnA in case the customer has complaints or inquiries.

  • Offering email subscription.

  • Integration with the insurance system.

  • Booking a meeting or an appointment.

Form Then Route to Team

The form is more like a question where you give answers as options to choose from. This makes it easier and faster for the user to select from, then route the conversation to your teams.

Examples of using form messages:

  • Recharge Options

  • Booking Options

  • Payment Options

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