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Conversations per status report
Conversations per status report

Track your team's performance.

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See how many conversations opened and closed during a specified period.

The conversations report

This report shows how many conversations are closed or opened by your teams to evaluate the team's performance.

If the number of open conversations vastly exceeds the number of closed conversations, it means that:

  1. Your team is not active in responding to customers.

  2. Your team does not close the conversation after they are done with the customer.

  3. You need to add more team members to handle the conversations.

How to access conversations per status report?

Click here to go direct to the reports page.

How is the report calculated per team or per user?

We count the report based on the user who closed the conversation.

So if the conversation started with a bot, then moved to team A, then reassigned to team B. Then, a user from team B closed it. So we will calculate the open and closed for team B and the user who closed it.

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