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Unread conversations indicator
Unread conversations indicator
Updated over a week ago

When you have updates on conversations assigned to you, these conversations will be marked as unread.


Who can see the unread indicator?

The unread indicator will show on the assigned to me view only.

The unread indicator is displayed for the user assigned to the conversations only. Other users won't be able to see it.

When will the unread indicator show on a conversation?

The unread indicator is displayed in the following cases:

  • When the conversation is assigned to the user

  • New message from contact on that conversation

  • Another user adds a note to the conversation

  • Another user sends a message to contact on that conversation

When will the conversation be marked as read?

When the user assigned to that conversation selects the conversation, it will be marked as read, and the unread indicator will go away.

When other users read the conversation, it does not impact the unread status.

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