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Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to set up their stores and sell their products. Installing your Shopify app in BusinessChat allows you to recover up to 15% of customers' abandonment carts.

Installing the Shopify app allows you to run a cart abandonment automation that automatically sends messages to customers who leave your Shopify e-commerce store without completing checkout.

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How to install the Shopify app?

Inside BusinessChat App Store, click the Shopify app, then press Install.

⚡ Attention

You will be asked to log in to your Shopify account if you need to log in.

You will be redirected to Shopify App Store, Search for BusinessChat App, then pick a plan.

Click Install App.

You will be redirected to your BusinessChat account. You will be landed in the App Store with Shopify installed.

How to Use Shopify Inside BusinessChat?

1. Cart Abandonment Automation.

Engage with customers who showed interest in your Shopify products but still need to complete their orders. Use the Cart Abandonment automation to recover up to 15% of lost sales.

💡 Tip

Read more about this feature.

2. Sync Shopify Contacts.

Sync Shopify's contacts with BusinessChat to target them in WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Reach potential customers effectively.

💡 Tip

Ensure to enable the sync contacts option inside your app configuration.

You will receive a confirmation email once your contacts are synced successfully.

3. Marketing Campaigns Attribution.

You can keep yourself updated about your outbound marketing campaigns' revenues by tracking the total orders created on your installed e-commerce platform.

💡 Tip

Read more about this feature.

How to uninstall Shopify?

From BusinessChat App Store, uninstall the Shopify app, and you will be redirected to the Shopify App Store, Search for BusinessChat, and click Remove app.

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