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How to reset WhatsApp business account phone number?
How to reset WhatsApp business account phone number?

Free up your phone number from your WABA without losing any of your conversations.

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To start using the WhatsApp business platform, WhatsApp requires all its users to submit a “clean” phone number. It means that this phone number must not be connected to any WhatsApp account whatsoever.

So in order to free up your phone number without losing any conversation, all you’ve got to do is follow one of these two methods:

Let's get started 👌.

Change your Phone number

This Method allows you to keep all conversations without deleting them, and activate your old phone number on WhatsApp API.

1- Inside the WhatsApp Business app, go to Settings (1), and then Accounts (2).

2- Press on Change Number.

3- Then Next.

4- Add the old (1) and new (2) phone numbers, and click Next (3).

Delete your WhatsApp account

This method is best used when you don’t have another phone number to connect your business account. Just backup your chat history and proceed with the deletion process:

🔴 Warning

Before deleting your account, backup all your data and message history using external backup software. Because WhatsApp will delete your iCloud or Google Drive backup when you delete your WhatsApp account.

First, you’re going to have to head to Settings (1) and click on Account (2).

Second, click on Delete My Account.

Last, enter your phone number (1) and then click on Delete My Account (2).

Great😄! Your Phone number is no longer connected to your WhatsApp account. You’re now eligible to start creating your WhatsApp Business Platform account.

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