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Getting started with dynamic fields in campaigns.
Getting started with dynamic fields in campaigns.

Personalize your campaign to each contact using contacts with dynamic content.

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Connect with your contacts in a more personal way by using dynamic content. This allows you to customize your messages with details like names and appointment information or even share specific links based on your recipients' actions.

Dynamic Content Checklist

  • Have a customized message template with custom fields ready and approved.

  • Make sure you have your customers' consent (opt-in), as it's required for WhatsApp campaigns.

  • Prepare your campaign data in a CSV file.

Step 1: Download the Sample CSV File

Go to the Campaigns tab, select "Upload contacts with dynamic content," and click "Download a Sample."

Step 2: Prepare Dynamic Content

Use the sample file to set up your dynamic content. Check out our guide for helpful tips and common mistakes to avoid.

Important notes while preparing Your CSV file:

  • Include a phone number column with international format.

  • Format the mobile phone column as a number.

  • Customize column headers to suit your needs.

  • Save the file in CSV format (use UTF-8 for Arabic letters).

How to edit the dynamic fields CSV file?

Select the Mobile numbers column, change its format to Number Format, and remove decimal places. Feel free to modify column headers or add more columns. Once ready, save the file in CSV format.

Step 3: Upload Your CSV File

Click "Upload CSV File" on the platform and choose the prepared file. While uploading, select the column containing your customer's phone numbers.

The Country Code Formatter is required. It adds the country code to numbers without one.

Step 4: Message Customization

In the Message tab, select a WhatsApp template, click "Select A Field" to place your dynamic fields, and choose your fields from the list.

Enter a fallback value for your field. Set all your dynamic fields and fallback values, then upload your artwork to your header if applicable.

Congratulations! You're now ready to launch your campaign as usual. 🚀

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