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How to use Variables in WhatsApp Business?
How to use Variables in WhatsApp Business?

Everything you need to know about variables. - WhatsApp Business

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Variables are dynamic fields based on the customer data on your e-commerce platform, such as {{}} and {{}}. These fields will vary according to the customer data on your e-commerce platform. In other words, each customer will receive a WhatsApp message customized with their registered name or their cart link in your e-commerce platform.

⚡ Attention

Variables are recognized only if they are enclosed in double curly brackets, like {{}}.


There are different usages of variable fields based on the automation type. Check the table below to know each field and the value it brings from your e-commerce platform.

Variable Field



The customer's name as registered on your ecommerce platform.


The cart link that was abandoned by the customer.


The customer's order number.


The customer's order Link.


The order status as it changes on your ecommerce platform.

Availability on automations

Each automation includes available variable fields that you can utilize in the automation message. Please refer to the table below to see the available variable fields for each automation.


Variable Fields Available

Cart Abandonment

{{}}, {{}}

Order Creation Notification

{{}}, {{}}, {{}}

Order Status Notifications

{{}}, {{}}, {{order.status}}, {{}}

⚡ Attention

You cannot use a variable field that is not listed in the automation you are setting up.

You can determine the available variables in the automation as depicted in the screenshot below:

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