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How to create Facebook catalog and upload/sync products?
How to create Facebook catalog and upload/sync products?

Create a Facebook catalog and add products to share them with your customers across BusinessChat platform.

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Create a Facebook catalog and share your items with your customers on WhatsApp.

This article will tackle the following:

  1. Create a Facebook catalog.

  2. Add catalog products.

  3. Manage catalog items.

Before reading this article, you have to:

Let's start 👌!

Create a Facebook catalog in Business Manager

Open Business Settings, select Data Sources (1), select Catalogs (2), select Add (3), then press Create a new catalog (4).

First, Name your catalog (1), select the type of items you sell (2), and select Create catalog (3).

Select people in your Business Manager to give them catalog access (1), choose either Partial access or Full Control (2) permissions, then select Assign (3) or select Cancel (4) to skip if you don't want to give anyone else access to your catalog.

You can select an events data source to track your catalog with, then click Save (1). You can skip this step by clicking Cancel (2).

💡 Tip

We recommend keeping all your items in one catalog instead of creating multiple catalogs.

Add products to your catalog.

Upload items to Commerce Manager from the Data feed

1. Go to Commerce Manager, press on your business icon (1), then select your business account (2), and click on your catalog (3).

2. Select Items (1), press Add items (2), and click Add multiple items (3).

3. Choose Data feed (1) and click Next (2).

💡 Tip

Read this article if you have an active catalog from e-commerce (partner platform).

4. Select yes If you have a ready file of your products. If you don't have one, Select No, I need a feed template (1), then click Next (2).


We recommend always selecting a new feed template to avoid problems.

5. Click Download template (1), select CSV Template (2), Enter your item information (3), then Upload file (4).

6. Choose Use Google Sheets.

💡 Tip

Using Google sheets keeps your products synced with your catalog. You can update the products at any time.

7. Upload the CSV Template file to your google drive, right-click on the file (1), select Open with (2), and press Google Sheets (3).

8. Upload your products to the CSV template (1), then click on Share (2).

9. Click on General access (1), select Anyone with a link (2), Copy link (3), and click Done (4).

10. Paste the drive file link (1) in the box and press Next (2).

11. Set how often you want your data feed to update and click Next.


From your catalog, you can create sets of your products to use in the BusinessChat filters.

Go to the Sets section, then click on Create Set.

Select your products, give your set a name, then press Create.

Great! You are ready to connect Facebook catalog with WABA 👌!

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