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Connect your Facebook catalog with WABA
Connect your Facebook catalog with WABA

How to connect the Facebook catalog with WhatsApp business account

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To start using your Facebook catalog across your WhatsApp channel you must connect the catalog with your WABA app according to meta requirement. Then, you’ll need to install your Facebook catalog from BusinessChat Appstore.

Before reading this article, you have to:

let's start 👌!

Connect Facebook catalog with WABA.

1. Sign in to your Facebook account, click the Menu button (1), then head to Meta Business Suite (2).

2. Click on Commerce.

3. Click the Accounts button (1), then select your Business account (2).

4. click on the left drawer icon(1), select WhatsApp Manager (2), then click Catalog (3).

5. Click Choose a Catalog (1), pick a catalog (2), click View Catalog if you want to view or manage the catalog, then click on Connect Catalog (3).


If the WABA is owned by 360dialog (which happens if you were onboarded using the Classic Signup Process), They will connect the Catalog to your WhatsApp Business API account.

You will need to create your own Facebook catalog (if you don't have one). Then you will need to give 360 Dialog permission to manage it.

Go to Data sources, press Catalogs, select a catalog, and click on Assign partners to permit 360dialog.

Great 🤩! now you are ready to connect your Facebook catalog with BusinessChat.

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